Quest Controller Rev1 - An escape room controller board




The Quest Controller is a development board for the quick and simple application of electronic props set in escape rooms and art exhibits, and as such allows almost everyone with a little knowledge of Arduino to build and implement hardware components for various uses in Art and Quests, examples can be seen here. 

The board is built around the Arduino Nano Atmega328P so that all of the controller interfaces are accessible, some at designated terminals.
Spectacular user experience requires an impressive soundtrack, so we included a DFPlayer MINI audio module, with a UART interface. The audio files are stored on SD memory card.
Need to control and dim LED`s, maybe electromagnets?
No problem, MOSFETs on board capable of switching up to 2.5A@12V of continuous current, without the need for external heat sink - provides an excellent solution for use in LED operation, and inductive loads such as electromagnets, relays and solenoid valves (with adequate protection).

Uncompromising reliability and robustness:

  • Onboard capacitors for voltage stabilization and noise filtering for working in electrical noisy environments.

  • PTC resettable fuses for short-circuit and over current protections.

  • Opto-isolated control lines. Input and output accordingly.

  • Reverse polarity protection.

  • A Continuous GND layer is used as shield and filtration of EMI.



  • Input voltage: 7V - 12V

  • Controller: Atmega328P, Arduino Nano

  • Power IN, Max continuous current. : 3A

  • MOSFET , maximum continuous current: 2.5A, limited by fuse

  • Audio output: AUX 3.5mm connector, 24bit DAC output, up to 32 GB SD card

  • Length: 93 mm

  • Width: 53.2 mm

  • Height: 22 mm

  • Packaging: ESD protected, controlled humidity.


  • Props set constructors and makers, owners of escape rooms and independent in the field are invited to get a demo of the Quest Controller board at no cost. Please contact us with your name/company name, address and tell us what you wish to implement with our board, limited inventory.
    Engineering consultation and technical support will be provided free of charge during the first 12 months from the moment of purchase. For a quote and purchasing the product, please contact us with your name / company name and we will get back to you with a suitable offer.